• Sab. Giu 22nd, 2024

Uniting for Healthy Livers, Healthy Lives. “Love Your Liver” impact projects. #EASL24 #EASLnews #EASLCongress

From driving global policy initiatives to implementing local solutions, EASL Congress 2024 in Milan emphasises the importance of addressing liver disease at every level. Therefore, the congress will also focus on leaving a lasting legacy in the host city of Milan via community-focused initiatives.

Launched at EASL Congress in London in 2022, and successfully continued in Vienna in 2023, EASL’s “Love Your Liver” impact projects aim to raise awareness, promote early detection, and build professional capacities in hepatology.
On 4-8 June, EASL invites the public to free liver screenings and consultations, providing invaluable insights into liver health. On June 3, the EASL team, in collaboration with local hepatologists, will visit Scuola Secondaria Mauri in Milan and offer interactive sessions, including an ultrasound demonstration, to educate young pupils about liver health. EASL has also partnered with the University of Padova and Project Third Mission to deliver dynamic liver health seminars across Italy and reach schools in Palermo, Rome, and Padua.

Prof. Tom Hemming Karlsen, Chair of the Steering Committee said, “We are steadfast in our commitment to advance liver health for future generations, necessitating an integration of educational initiatives for emerging health professionals, the evolution of clinical pathways in progressive health-care systems, and the articulation of new public health policies. This endeavour will be encapsulated within a cohesive, equity-centred framework, designed to assess and mitigate health risks comprehensively, thereby embodying a rigorous, sustainable, and holistic approach to liver health across Europe in line with the core ethos of EASL.”

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